07/2022 - now
T-2(Nuclear & Physics, Astrophysics & Cosmology) /T-3 (Fluid Dynamics and Solid Mechanics)
Mentor: Hui Li, Susan Kurien

  • Most competitive and prestigious open-field, named postdoc award from LANL since 1974, with applicants from backgrounds from other fields such as Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Material Science and Computer Science. Can only be considered once per lifetime regardless of the outcome. Also the only award open to non-US citizens.

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Ph.D. in Astronomy
@ University of Wisconsin-Madison

06/2018 - 04/2022
Minor in Computer Science
Advisor: Alex Lazarian

  • Theorist and numerist in connecting MHD turbulence theory to B-field measurements in ISM, notable research include:

    • Velocity Decomposition Algorithm (VDA, e.g. ApJ, 910, 161, 2021)

    • Velocity Gradient Technique (VGT, e.g. ApJ, 837, 24, 2017)

    • Magnetic Field estimations via statistical methods (DMA, e.g. arXiv: 2204.09731, accepted by ApJ for publications)

  • Notable award: Jansky award 2022

  • Notable advised undergradautes: Avi Chen :

  • More information:,